Alfredo Costa Monteiro | 1964 | Porto | Portugal


Visual artist, improvisor | accordion, electric guitar







Rubber Music (Hazard Records. 1999).

Les silences de la BnF(Labofar. 1999).

Paper Music   (Hazard Records, 2001)

Rumeur (Creative Sources. 2003)

Stylt (absurd, 2005)

Z = 78 (pt:195, 09) (audiobot, 2005)

Allotropie (bourbaki records, 2007)

Épicycle (étude records, 2007)

Anatomy of inner place (monotype records, 2007)


Oomfsquawk  (CD-R, 2001)

Flysch  (G3G Records. 2002)

  (Antifrost. 2003)

23 november 2002 (Sound 323. 2003)

32,41 n/m2 (absurd, 2003)


Small damage under appearance, Margarida Garcia / Manuel Mota / Alfredo Costa Monteiro (thin ice, 2002)
i treni inerti, Ura  (Creative Sources, 2003)
Atami Taku Unami, Masahiko Okura, Ruth Barberán, Ferran Fages, Masafumi Ezaki, Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Hibari music. 2003)

Atolón, ferran fages, ruth barberán, a.c.m. (rossbin, 2004)

Istmo Ruth Barberán, Ferran Fages, Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Creative Sources, 2005)

Aérea Ruth Barberán, Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Creative Sources, 2005)

Diafon, Barry Weisblat, Ernesto Rodrigues, Alfredo Costa Monteiro (cs041, 2005)
Ductile, Pascal Battus, Alfredo Costa Monteiro (a question of re-entry, 2008)

Slackness. Poèmes électroniques (L’Ovni Tendre. 2002)

G(noise). Poèmes électroniques
(L’Ovni Tendre. 2003)

from:/to:, Alfredo Costa Monteiro + Ami Yoshida (a bruit secret. 2003)

4 pistes. Poèmes électroniques. (L'Ovni Tendre, 2004)

He lives and works in Barcelona since 1992. He plays accordion and electric guitar. In 1992, he finishes his studies at
the Fine Art School of Paris, where he gets his degree in sculpture/multimedia. Apart of his work as a visual artist, he starts to become involved in improvised music from 1995. Since then, his work stands somewhere between visual arts, visual poetry and sound. Since 1998, he is  member of 22a, an independent collective for contemporary art.

He is  member of the following formations:

Cremaster with Ferran Fages

i treni inerti with Ruth Barberán

Neumatica with Pablo Rega
He is also member of IBA col.lectiu d'improvisació.