Graziano Lella | Italy

lelectronics, acousmatics









Taxonomy + Polvere - Scatole Sonore - 2006
Taxonomy - A global taxonomical machine - 2005 (Ambiances
VVAA - I suoni della narrazione/Ixem incontra Roma - 2004 (cdr)
arg - arg - 2002 (Sirr.ecords)
VVAA - Cosmonaute - 2002 (Anorack records)
VVAA - Sotto il sole di Roma - 2000 (Sonagli) (with Zic & Dura Figura)

 Born in Rome, graduate in astrophysics, self-taught bassist, Graziano Lella studies sax at the SMPT (Scuola di Musica Popolare di Testaccio, Rome).
Always interested in avant-gardes in all artistic forms and expressive languages, he organizes, starting from 1992, many concerts and cultural events with the Cervello a Sonagli association.
After a first experience as bassist in a punk band, from 1997 he plays bass guitar in the art-rock group Dura Figura and takes part, as a saxophonist, in many performances which connected music and visual arts with the open collective Ask the Dust. Moreover he takes part in some workshops with important innovative musicians like Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder, Amy Denio and others.
At the same time he dedicates himself to improvisation practice both with a consolidated formation, the radical improvised music Zic quartet, and with many musicians of experimental area. Fascinated by the timbre-dynamics possibilities of electric bass, with the Zic quartet he developes his own vocabulary through a prepared instrument.
Subsequently he introduces in his work the use of self-made amplified objects supported by live electroacoustic treatments and pre-elaborated recorded materials.
Actually he works in a solo project called arg. With arg he carries out electroacoustic and concrete/acousmatic music compositions with a personal compositional approach which “appropriates” heterogeneous materials and put them in a dialectical relationship with the possibilities offered by new technologies. In october 2002 Sirr.ecords label (Portugal) releases his first solo cd: arg. In 2003 he founds the electronic improvised music trio Taxonomy with Elio Martusciello and Roberto Fega. The first group's cd, A global taxonomical machine, is released by Ambiances Magnétiques in 2005.
He is a founding member of IATO and iXem musicians' collectives.
In 2004 he begin the collaboration with the filmakers Carlo Hintermann and Luciano Barcaroli (of Citrullo Int.).
Since 2005 he collaborates with the theatre company Psicopompo Teatro.
Starting from 2006 he plays in an audiovisual collective together with Taxonomy and the videoartists Studio Brutus and Citrullo International.
Their work H2O has been selectioned and presented in many international movie & audiovisual festivals.