Isa Wiss | Switzerland









„Umarete Wa Mita Keredo“ (DVD 2008, Trigon Film) - Wiss/Baumann/Siron/Ulrich
„Chessboxing Volume One“ (2008, Ronin Rhythm Records) - Sha's Banryu
„Chadafö“ (2001, Brambus Records) - SchnoZgroup
„blades of grass“ (2004, Skywalk Records GmbH) - dashes
„See You In Nuuk“ (2004, Blackfridge) - L.A.R.

Isa Wiss began voice studies at the age of 15. Following her preliminary (classical) training, Wiss studied Jazz Music at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
Wiss’s vocal capabilities and stylistic range allow her to work in a variety of contexts. She is equally comfortable working with the standard jazz repetoire, electronica, and original compositions. Wiss is committed to synthesizing a wide array of vocal styles and techniques into a unified vocabulary. Wiss’ approach and enormous range lends itself very well to improvised music,. Although her singing covers a wide range of genres and approaches, Wiss consistently maintains the same depth of expression throughout all her work.
Isa Wiss can be heard in a number of bands, including Sha's Banryu (minimal music with Sha (bcl, ken, sax, comp), Mik Keusen (p), Thomas Tavano (b), Julian Sartorius (dr)), °Nacktmull? (improvisation with Marc Unternährer (tuba), Hans-Peter Pfammatter (p), Markus Lauterburg (dr)), the Hausquartett (improvisation with Christoph Baumann (p), Hämi Hämmerli (b), Tony Renold (dr)). Wiss has worked with a multitude of exciting musicians including Christy Doran, Ronan Guilfoyle, Sean Carpio, Alfred Zimmerlin, Don Li, Anja Losinger, Björn Meyer, Dieter Ulrich, Beat Unternährer, and many others.
Additionally, Wiss is an active participant in other art forms such as theater, dance, and film. She both writes and improvises lyics. As a result of her stay at the artist residency in Chicago (by the Verein Städtepartnerschaft Luzern-Chicago) in 2009, Wiss has performed and recorded with musicians such as Hamid Drake, Jason Stein, James Falzone, Josh Berman, Frank Rosaly, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Lou Mallozzi, Jason Roebke, Jason Adasiewicz, Guillermo Gregorio, Jeff Kimmel, Brian Labycz and with dancers Ayako Kato and Asimina Chremos.