Photo by Jean Claude Sarrasin

Mathias Forge | 1984 | Roanne | France

trombone, prepared piano, radios









Véhicule de Courtoisie (Les Arcandiers)
Vive le pain mouillé (PourQuoi pAs ??!)
DUO... (improvised music with Cyril Epinat)
Faut pas y craindre ! (Les Arcandiers)

He begins with piano jazz in several bands and likes playing Thelonious Monk's tunes and songs. Actually, he is a trombonist in several bands called Le Grotorkestre , La Baskour , L'Ogre and Les Arcandiers.
Some encounters with Joelle Leandre, Sebastien Coste, the Ishtar collective and many people who have encouraged him to a great practice of improvisation. He likes mixing his music with dancers, writters, painters or artisans.

Now he works a lot with Cyril Epinat (guitarist) in DUO... and Skratroum (dance, skateboard and radios with Emilie Borgo) and they both give performances with Leo Dumont (drummer) and Li Ping Ting (dancer).

He likes improvising with people from the ishtar collective in Masal Caldi (12 musicians) and Le pire c est une poire qui prend l eau (with Anne Pellier and Eddy Kowalski) or with Xavier Saïki in SAPIENS.

He, Leo Dumont, Cyril Epinat and Thierry Moulat created the MICRO association so as to promote improvisation throughout the organisation of several concerts, projects, performances, in the country around Roanne and the Cote Roannaise.