Michael Griener | 1968 | Nurnberg | Germany








2004, Schwimmer, Creative sources CS 014

Began playing drums in 1982, and has lived in Berlin since 1994. Under the influence of the HOHE-UFER-concerts, initiated by Guenter Christmann, he became involved early on in the various forms of jazz tradition, free improvisation and new music, which led to a longer collaboration with Christmann in his Vario-projects (among others, the C.I.M.-Festival Den Haag 1990, Moers-Festival 1992, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik1993). He has worked frequently with dancers (such as Anzu Furukawa, David Zambrano), actors and poets, most recently in a project on Paul Celan with German writer Oskar Ansull). He teaches drums at the Musikhochschule Dresden. His duo KIMMO ELOMAA with electronic wizard jayrope received a grant from the city of Berlin in 2002.
"M.G.moved from Nürnberg to Berlin some years ago, and since then has been one of the drummers most in demand. He has played with traditional heroes like Herb Ellis, radical players like Barry Guy, stars of the Berlin scene like Axel Dörner or sound explorers like Zeena Parkins. He has proved to be the perfect player for all opportunities, as he understands how to play the most individual idea in his very own way, finding the right balance between his own way and the given context. His self-taught style merging flow and fragility is unique, as well as his coolness." -----Eric Mandel for the program of Jazz Fest Berlin `99
Among others, Griener has played with Tal Farlow, Herb Ellis, Barry Guy, Axel Dörner, Mal Waldron, Paul Lovens, Zeena Parkins, Keith Tippett, Butch Morris, Uli Gumpert, Evan Parker, Aki Takase, Mats Gustafsson, Alexander v. Schlippenbach, Joelle Leandre, Guenter Christmann, Dave Liebman, Conny Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Andrea Neumann, Chris Dahlgren, Frank Gratkowski, Phil Minton, and Tony Buck.