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«Le doigt de Galilée» Locustmusic 2004
«The same girl» Soumndimplant 2003
«Phô, This is handywork» Humbug records 2004
«News from Holland» n-collective X-OR records 2004
«Dipsa» Soundimplant 2002
«Live at Steim» A-version 2005
« The same girl, Spare parts & the Ideology toolkit » Schraum 2006
« Buttercup Metal Polish, 50 Ballets » Creative Sources 2006

Nicolas Field is a drummer, improviser that also works with electronics. Born in London, UK, he studied in Geneva, Amsterdam and The Hague where he has taken part in a wide variety of projects from contemporary music to jazz as well as from improvised to electronic music for dance performances and theater. Current projects include: “PHÔ” with Morten J. Olsen & Bjornar Habbestad. “LE DOIGT DE GALLILEE” with electronicist Jaime Fenelly, “THE SAME GIRL” with Gilles Aubry on computer. Nicolas is a founding member of the “N.COLLECTIVE”. Past collaborations include: PSI, Damo Suzuki, Chris Heenan, Antoine Chessex , Chris Peck , “OFFFICE-R” on the “TI PROJECT”, Jacques Demierre, Francoise Rivalland, Seijiro Murayama, Tom Tlalim, Eric Devanthery, Amos Elmaliah, Olaf Rupp, Marko Kosnik, John Hegre, Anthony Pateras…