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1) Kalktuffquelle
2) Lieschgras
3) Seggenried
4) Teichbinse
5) Sandtragant
6) Hainsimse
7) Mondraute
8) Weichholzaue



Olaf Rupp - electric guitar
Ulrike Brand - cello



Recorded, mixed and mastered 2022 in Berlin by Olaf Rupp
Cover grafic dedign by Birgit Tümmers.
Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.


Here is another recording of the  Berlin based duo of Olaf Rupp on electric guitar and Ulrike Brand on cello. Als in earlier productions before the two continue their way of using the quite different social and musical framing of their instruments as a gateway to find new contexts and attitudes for creating new layered-sounds and new ways of improvising music. And indeed, on this album, the sounds and characteristics of the electric guitar and the cello interact and support each other in such a surprisingly natural and fluid way that was never heard before.



Cover design by Birgit Tümmers