no furniture

Boris Baltschun | Axel Dörner | Kai Fagaschinski | cs009

























Boris Baltschun, Axel Dörner and Kai Fagaschinski are working together as no furniture since early 2001. Later that same year the trio had it's concert premiere in Berlin, taking place at the legendary raumschiff zitrone (engl.: lemon spaceship).
The trumpet’s and clarinet’s focus lies on producing synthetic sound qualitites while the electronics are working with a physical impulse. Since the music of no furniture uses a wide range of dynamics and frequenicies it’s main character could be described as contrasty.
The next project of no furniture is a purely acoustic setting: accordeon, clarinet and trumpet. It’s scheduled to be published in form of a second CD in summer 2005.

Kai Fagaschinski, Berlin 2004