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The title "Drumming" may seem ironic, given the fact that two of the three musicians on this recording use electronic means to produce sound. But in fact, both Günter Müller and Jason Kahn started their musical lives as drummers and, to a greater extent, their approach to working with sound directly relates to the years spent playing acoustic drums.
In this respect, "Drumming" represent three different approaches to working with acoustic drum sounds, with Christian Wolfarth reducing his drumset down to the minimum of one snare drum, a cymbal and an array of objects (drumsticks, brushes, pinecones). Günter Müller uses an iPod and various electronic devices; and Jason Kahn works with the laptop.
In whatever way any of these three musicians produce sound on "Drumming," all are approaching the idea of percussion extended beyond its immediate acoustical means and standard usage.

Jason Kahn