music of wheel



Joël Merah, Sylvain Chauveau, Maitane Sebastian, Stéphane Garin





















"... the project is based on the idea of generating, with each interpretation, different music resulting from the same score, each containing in itself sufficient essential elements so as to connect these individual interpretations.
Although the score is not locked in a given and final written piece, it nevertheless proposes a basis for a well defined "takeoff". With this in mind, the four musicians are subjected to different playing strategies and each has at his disposal two tables or playing reservoires: a main table concerning the sounds, i.e., pitch, isolated notes or harmony, according to the instruments. In this first table, the performer has enormous freedom (duration of sounds, dynamics, approach to the instrument, effects, the possibility of changing instruments, etc.). The general style of interpretation must however remain soft. The second table, common to all performers, proposes a succession of predetermined silences during which the musician remains motionless.
The execution of the piece is made following a course generated and determined by the tossing of the dice which decide and direct the musician towards the action of “silence” or the action of “sound”.
The musical result should be similar to a love experience with time, moment and sound... "

The average duration of the versions of "Music of Wheel" interpreted by Ensemble 0 ranges between 40 min and 2h30. For this reason Ensemble 0 proposes here six fragments drawn from three versions recorded in studio.


Joël Merah