few and far between
























DUE is playing. A beginning, a tone, a noise, a sound. Listen. Act, react. No ready-made concept, no intended form. Awareness. Liability. Instant composing, where what has been connects with the here and now and the yet to come.
DUE is a formation that joins an acoustic instrument with electronics in a unique way: two women, each musician doing her own thing on her own instrument; but at the same time, the flute music is changed in a variety of ways through the computer, then played back and juxtaposed with what is happening in that moment. What I play is what you play. What you play is what I play. Independence and fusion.
DUE is interested in the theme of time – how it is extended, shortened, intensified. Layering. Disappearance.
“Few and Far Between”, the current CD by DUE, documents the finds that emerge along this path.


Susann Wehrli & Karin Ernst, Summer 2008