White Smoke




Mike Goyvaerts - percussion, objects, toys

Jeffrey Morgan - soprano & tenor saxophones

Willy Van Buggenhout - EMS Synth






















This ensemble isn't an ordinary Jazz Trio, with a poor saxophone player out in
front who plays the same licks that we've heard since way back, when we
were still teenagers, and next month l'II be turnin' 78. However, Jeffrey, Mike,
and Willy are three creative artists who Improvise everytime the spirit moves them.
We think, we don't have to tell you, that the shit on this CD is completely
Improvised and created bya so-called Improvising Collective, but because Willy
was never on record before, we like to cali it "Willy's CD", and believe me or not,
Willy was more or less a wonderchild. At the age of three he picked up a newspaper
and started to read the front page from top to bottom. Less than a year later he
discovered Edgar Varese's "Poem electronic", and that put a curse on him. As a
teenager he started foolin' with tape recorders, which was followed by a solid study
in electronics, and the Art of Improvisation. Willy belongs to the most underrated
musicians from our country, although he never received the fame or recognition
he deserves. For that reason, the title for the production of this CD goes back to
the Autumn of 2008, when Mike Goyvaerts began referring to him as 'White Smoke".
The amazing electro-acoustic duo "Hoezeniebotsze" is a product of Mike and
Willy, but in our opinion Mike is more popular through his long term membership
as a percussionist and co-organizer of W.I.M., Fred Van Hove' "Workshop of
Improvising Music", which gave him the opportunity to be challenged with the most
Important Improvisors from this Planet.. .. He has recorded twice with the BelgiumGerman
Unit "Canaries on the Pole", one on "Free Elephant", and the other on this
label. Moreover, Mike isn't only one of the most important Improvisors in our
country, he's also a great Jazz player, and from time to time he even goes on a
blues tour, because "to play the blues everyday, helps to keep the doctor away".
Last but not least, a few words about Jeffrey, who recorded in 1999 a wonderful
solo CD for Manuel Mota's "Headlights" label where he doubles on alto saxophone
and violin, but Jeffrey is also an interesting pianist, which he proves in collaboration
with his friend Bert Wilson, who's an underrated tenor player who spent most of
his life in a wheelchair. However, Jeffrey is at his best on his solo piano recording,
"Ritual Space", which is released on Konnex Records. Once upon a time, the late
Willem Breuker referred to Jeffrey as one of the most original musicians of our time.

John Rottiers, Radio Centraal, Antwerp, April 12th, 2012