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“Temperature Difference” is the newest release of “Creative Sources”. Album was recorded by Eric Wong (archetop guitar), Nuno Torres (alto saxophone), Guilherme Rodrigues (cello) and Ernesto Rodrigues (viola). All four musicians are interesting and creative improvisers. They like to experiment in all fields of musical language and are always trying to create bright, new and innovative sound. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz, but also has some elements of alternative and experimental music. Innovative musical decisions, own and specific playing techniques, wide range of strange noises and tunes, dozens of extended playing techniques and other musical language elements – all these elements form the main style of the musicians. Spontaneous and remarkable solos are heard very much in their compositions – musicians always eft enough place for spontaneous, unpredictable and shocking musical decisions. Striking solos, peaceful and abstract episodes, marvelous and expressive passages, roaring blow outs or turbulent collective improvisations – all these elements help musicians to create unique, interesting, remarkable and original sound.

“Temperature Difference” has interesting and expressive sound. All compositions are based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Abstract musical pattern, separate melodic and rhythmic elements, glamorous and effective solos, special effects, dozens of extended playing techniques, improvising manners and other elements form the main basic of these compositions. Musicians create extraordinary and rich musical pattern – they also use specific ways of sound extraction, extraordinary playing techniques and produce huge range of strange timbres. Separate meodic and rhythmic elements are repeated silmunateously – it has contrasting and variable sound. The music never stays the same – it’s made by different episodes which are highly contrasting with each other. The musical pattern varies between abstract, silent and lyric pattern, polyphonic facture and free improvisation. T\Splendid and mavrelous improvisations are the best episodes of whole album – musicians searche for new ways of playing, bright and active musical decisions and grouping together voorful, interesting and absolutely different music episodes which are the opposites to each other. Nuno Torres saxophone melodies – filled with energy, passion and expressions. Saxophonist fuses together specific and experimental playing techniques with very well-known and traditional ways of playing. Expressive solos, bright and clear solos, vibrant, effective and moving vibrato, gentle and colorful glissando and many other different playing techniques. That makes an effort to whole sound of the album – it brings new colors and sounds to whole compositions. Nuno Torres is improvising dynamically and expressively – his playing manner is based on avant-garde jazz, which are joint together with modern jazz styles and experimental music. Eric Wong archetop guitar melodies are based on contrasts and different moods – from silent, abstract and restful pieces this music suddenly gets to vibrant, energetic, turbulent and bright culminations. Colorful harmony, dozens of extended and innovative playing techniques, original and interesting musical decisions, eclectic stylistic combinations, spontaneous solos and many other elements make a fresh, interesting and innovative sound of his improvisation. It’s gently fits together with saxophone and other instruments. Sometimes the sound is more similar to rock and avant rock styles music – heavy, aggressive, static and rigorous solos are contrasting with vivacious, dynamic, joyful and passionate improvisations. Guilherme Rodrigues cello melodies are solid and firm. Strong, effective and interesting bass and harmony line is created and kept all the time. Monotonic separate rhythms and melodies, unusual timbres, strange noises, the elements of bebop, post bop, and other modern jazz styles are joined together with fascinating musical experiments and spontaneous solos. Vibrant and right culminations are the most effective episodes of cello melodies – it reveals huge range of different playing techniques and expressions and shows the talent of improviser. Ernesto Rodrigues viola melodies bring the intonations of academical music. Calm or expressive, silent or loud, playful, and gentle or rigorous and shrieky – many different types of rhythms, chords and timbres are used here. The improviser is switching between various moods – he joins them very organically and effectively, in the most interesting and original way. The music of this album is unpredictable and dynamic – it has wide palette of diversive colors, inventive musical decisions and outstanding instrumentation. That makes an effort to remarkable and fresh sound. (Avant Scena)