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It is the Portuguese Creative Sources label that makes the first solo album by Camille Émaile possible.  An excellent label, dedicated to abstract and sound-dominated improvisation. ‘Bekkos’ fits perfectly in  their catalogue, so you know what to expect. Émaille is a French percussionist and improviser from  Nice. She studied contemporary music at the Musik-Akademie in Basel with Christian Dierstein and  Fred Frith. She built up varied experience playing with many musicians and artists in very different  fields (video, theatre, happenings, etc.). She also has a love for Persian music and music from the Middle  East in general, what made her study the tombak and table. No wonder we find her involved in projects  of improvised music, modern composed music as well as ‘world’ music. Concerning her debut album  ‘Bekko’ we learn more about her as a solo improvising musician. In January 2017 she spent a week at  Studio Musikarma, in the forests of Bromont in Canada, for recording improvised sessions. From these  sessions she choose eight improvisations for her album. Émaille plays a wide range of percussion and  percussive objects, which guarantees a wide range of sounds, and diversity in timbre and dynamic. She  creates many different textures and patterns; in ‘Royal ou la résistance’ almost a melodic one. Also the  following piece ’Malédie’ sounds very structured, and almost narrative. ‘Neiglier’ is constructed from 
repeated patterns, changing all the time. Other improvisations like ‘Frémamorte’ sound more abstract  and at the same time evocating a hypothetical kind of ethnic music, like in ‘Trecolpas’. A fascinating  debut. Dolf Mulder (Vital Weekly)