Meandros e Vertentes cs510









“Meandros e Vertentes” was released on April 4, 2018 by “Creative Sources”. Evocative and interesting avant-garde jazz album was recorded by “Free Music 7tet”. “Free Music 7tet” is experimental jazz ensemble, which consists of seven experienced and creative avant-garde jazz masters – Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Luiz Rocha (clarinet & bass clarinet), Guilherme Rodrigues (cello), Eduardo Chagas (trombone), and (piano), Hernâni Faustino (double bass) and Paulo Ferreira Lopes (drums). “Free Music 7tet” members are famous in cntemporary experimental jazz scene – they have specific playing style, like brave and innovative musical experiments and create unusual and interesting sound. Their individual improvisations are gently blended together in the compositions by “Free Music 7tet”. The msuical pattern has many different layers and colors – individual melodies, bright musical language by each musician, sound experiments, franky and inventive musical decisions, spontaneous improvisations, the combinations between various music styles are the main elements of these compositions. The musicians like to blend together avant-garde jazz, fre, creative, bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, intonations of contemporary experimental music and very mild tones of contemporary academic avant-garde, the elements of various countries ethnical music and many other styles. Musicians are creating the compositions in the spot and it makes an effort – helps musicians to create contrasting, expressive and bright sound.
The compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Just like in the earlier albums, the musicians like to blend the main elements of experimental jazz with other music styles. For the most of the time, avant-garde jazz is blended with modern jazz styles – dynamic, rapid, monotonic and expressive rhythmic, sharp and dissonance harmony, sudden and vivacious changes of moods are heard very clearly in these compositions. Along with avant-garde and modern jazz, there’s also heard the intonations of experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music which are organically connected together with ethnical music intonations of various countries. The academic sound and intonations are heard very mildly and softly hear – the main basic of the compostitions still is avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and other basic elements of experimental jazz. Clarinet and bass clarinet melodies, trombone and piano melodies keep solid, firm and vibrant basement of free improvisation. Expressive, vivacious, playful and touching clarinets solos, sharp, aggressive and spontaneous piano, solid and deep trombones, sharp dissonances harmony, dynamic rhythmic, spontaneous and free improvisations, turbulent solos, sound experiments and many other elements contain the main part of Luiz Rocha, Eduardo Chagas and Karoline Leblanc improvisations. Guilherme Rodrigues cello, Hernâni Faustino double bass and Ernesto Rodrigues viola improvisations also are based on main elements of avant-garde jazz, but also bring the intonations of academical music to the compositions. It’s probably effected by the playing techniques – musicians are using their own and unqiue experimental playing ways along with traditional playing techniques of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. That makes an effort to the marvelous and organic synthesis between avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical and experimental music. Expressive, sharp, harsh, touching and passionate string solos are free and spontaneous – they are sounding the most effectively in collective improvisations, which have vibrant, turbulent and expressive sound. Paulo Ferreira Lopes drums section is especially energetic, rapid and vivacious. It’s full of contrasts, eclectic and extravagant rhythmic combinations, harsh, loud and turbulent solos, spontaneous free improvisations and have vivacious, effective and innovative sound. All the musicians are improvising impressively and originally – together they create expressive, modern, vivacious and extraordinary sound. (Avant Scena)