Quagmire cs590









“Quagmire” is out now on “Creative Sources Records”. Album was recorded by Nina de Heney (double bass), Karin Johansson (piano) and Henrik Wartel (drums). All three musicians are interesting and talented improvisers. They’re the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Nina de Heney is a famous bassist. The improvisations are filled with drive, passion and expression and are based on the main elements of experimental jazz innovations and the roots of avant-garde jazz. Improviser is getting on wild free improvisations, fascinating sonoristic experiments, moderating huge range of innovative, radical and experimental playing techniques by combining them together with classical ways of playing. Pianist Karin Johansson has original sound, inspiring and exciting playing style, innovative point of view and splendid virtuosity. Her improvisations are based on free improvisational music, avant-garde and experimental jazz, stunning experiments and expressive melodies. Afroamerican, Western Africa music rhythms, avant-garde jazz, the typical series of bebop, post bop, hard bop or neo bop are gently combined together in Henrik Wartel’s music. Excellent and modern drummer is getting on ambitious experiments, makes the modern investigations, rare combos, exotic tunes and impressive riffs. Suggestion, hypnotising and expressive sound, driving and inspiring style, innovations and traditions all brought together in spontaneous and original way – all these elements are the main basics of these three improvisers music.
“Quagmire” is filled with original decisions, spontaneous solos, passionate riffs and bright energy explosions. All music is completely based on avant-garde jazz. The streams of American and European experimental jazz are brought all together. Musicians are demonstrating their own and unique sound and don’t hesitate to make original, provocative and radical decisions. They get on the newest and modern innovations of avant-garde jazz, but also don’t forget the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz – that makes an effort to exceptional, modern and original sound. Open form, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, stable and sharp harmonic line, stunning instrumental section, impressive melody line and gorgeous background – all these elements contain the base of musical pattern, which is colorful, multi-layed, polyphonic and expressive. Each musician brings something new, fresh and exciting to the music – their innovative point of view, wide musical knownledge and a masterful ability to improvise spontaneously effect the sound of the compositions. Piano tunes by Karin Johansson are filled with energy, drive and passion. Pianist has her own and original playing technique – it’s based on experimental, specific and evocative ways of playing. Academical music playing techniques and experimental, radical and home-made ways of playing related to avant-garde jazz, special effects, sonoristic experiments and sharp aggressive chords sequences are gently combined together. Karin Johansson’s melodies have dynamic and sparkling sound – pianist succesfully manages to fuse together all kinds of moods, characters and expressions. Her music is changing all the time and makes the base of the melody line. Sometimes it’s silent, calm and lyrical, when it gets fast, furious, aggressive and frantic riffs accompagnied by hysteric breaking sessions, sharp sequences and perturbating spills of energy. Some delightful, charming, light, flying and joyful tunes are included in expressive, remarkable and simply marvelous melodies. The music is filled with transcendental passages, gorgeous ornaments, sudden moving glissando, trills, strict staccatto and all kinds of other abbreviations and musical language’s elements. All that makes original, bright and exclusive sound of whole melody line. Double bass by Nina de Heney is the source of evocative ideas, bright and solemn tunes, special effects and sonoristic experiments. Bassist is getting on brave and adventurous experiments, her music is expressive, universal and dynamic. From stable and tight bass line made by using repetitive tunes and minimalistic samples, improviser goes on deep, heavy and sophisticated solos, vibrant and perturbating sessions, breaking, hysteric and turbulent riffs and thrilling culminations. Special effects, elegant and light pizzicatto, animated glissando, trills, tunes related to ambient or other strange timbres are used as the coloristics. All these elements make an effort to suggestive, driving and bright sound. Drums section by Henrik Wartel is multi-colorful, organically made and dynamic. Drummer makes a great compilation of nervous and expressive rhythms, aggressive riffs, roaring and tremendous rolls, vibrant and perturbating culminations, breaking sessions, special effects, strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and innovative ways of playing, abbreviations and ornaments. The synthesis of all these elements organically brought together makes an impressive and driving rhythmic section. All three musicians are using innovative and experimental ways of playing – their music is modern, bright and filled with drive and expression. (Avant Scena)