Inner Lines cs709









Another wonderful quartet recording, combining minimal music and free improvisation, recorded at Ausland in Berlin. The first impression is that the piano lines of Quentin Tolimieri are beautifully exposed. The band plays a kind of suite in six movements: "Line segments A-F". That all keep a quiet, peaceful and melancholic mood. I dig 12 minutes long "Lines segment C", with phenomenal pizzicato work of the double bass, viola and cello, supporting the leading lines of the piano. In the second part, double bass and later other string instruments start to be bowed, but the concept remains. The closing 14 minutes "Line segment F" is also very touching: again the piano leads, accompanied by a marvellous superposition of bowed and finger-picked tones. The mood is quiet, but tends more toward dramatic and expressive. Beautiful music!!! Maciej Lewenstein