Signes Émergents cs770









Live recording by Jaime Reis in January 10th 2022 at Lisboa Incomum, during the Festival DME - Dias de Música Electroacústica. An amazing example of Rodrigues' family product, deep and abstract, yet comprehensible.
The main thing here is "Les cieux qui vieillissent - tout n'est qu'illusion", a 16 min long wonderful triologue of the cello, the viola and the clarinets. Obviously, this is an exploration of contemporary chamber music, but in
the free improvises manner. Amazing beauty!!! No other
The second track "Passer les ponts s'il fait du vent - la flamme de la solennité" is essentially equally beautiful, or maybe even more, since it is condensed to about 8 minutes. Maciej Lewenstein