José Oliveira | 1959 | Lisbon | Portugal


percussion, visual artist







Trio IK*Zs(3) – CD Leo Lab 032, London 1997
Multiples – CD CS001, Lisbon 2000
Tactus Musik – CDR 001 Off the Records, Lisbon 2001
Sudden Music – CD CS002, Lisbon 2001
23 Exposures – CD CS003, Lisbon 2001
Ficta – CD CS005, Lisbon 2002
Assemblage – CD CSR 007, Lisbon 2003
Contre-Plongée – CD CS011, Lisbon 2004

Polivalent artist with conections to the Fluxus movement, José Oliveira is well known, besides music by his "mail art" creations, performance and poetry.
As an improvisor, his aproach to percussion is similar to Paul Lovens, Roger Turner, Lê Quan Ninh and Paul Lytton. He prefers a non conventional "set", where he uses instruments and objects as raw materials to create an improvised language rich in terms of timbre and textures. To this he adds sometimes inside piano manipulations and prepared guitar, in the same way as John Cage: the objects are placed on the strings or in between them in real-time performance, and not according to a previous plan.
He belonged to Sei Miguel collective between 1989 and 1996, played with Carlos Bechegas and Pedro Roxo and has a regular activity with Ernesto Rodrigues.