Korhan Erel – electronics
Elena Margarita Kakaliagou – french horn
Jonas Kocher – accordion
Hannah Marshall – cello
Dirk Marwedel – extended  saxophone
Theo Nabicht – double bass clarinet
Ulrich Phillipp – double bass
Ernesto Rodrigues -  viola
Wolfgang Schliemann – drums
Nicolas Souchal – trumpet






















A gathering of international improvising musicians over three days in Wiesbaden, playing in every possible combination from early afternoon into the evening, makes for an intensely alive hothouse for spontaneous music. Through the challenges and triumphs of each musician's journey during the festival, the music took it's own surprising, sometimes bewildering, and often bewitching course, with each musician making and taking space, listening and calling to each other, creating shifting and volatile landscapes, or entering rooms to be explored in great detail.

These tuttis from HumaNoise Festival #28 expose a captivating process of human collective musicianship, where the individual musicians lose and find themselves in service to something far greater than the sum of their parts.