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Wielding a computer running a "Feedback Network Based Non-Linear Digital Signal Processing System" (sounds nimby-ish to me), Sanfilippo molds highly granular, diamond-edged wisps that slice through one's ears on one cut, linger on the outer edges of hearing on another. Fine control spiced with enough awkward surprise to keep things fascinating. Very nice job. Brian Olewnick (Just Outside)

Feedback-Networks, nicht-linear und Digital Signal Processing sind Stichworte für Premio Malattia (cs 145), Computermusik von DARIO SANFILIPPO aus Agrigent. Wummerndes oder helles Pulsieren und Dröhnen und knarrige, furzige, wässrige oder stechende ‚Stör‘-Impulse säumen meinen Aufmerksamkeitshorizont, meist aufdringlich mit motorischen und krachigen Reizen. Ich schwanke zwischen Na und? und Na und? - zunehmend genervt. Rigobert Dittmann (Bad Alchemy)

Computer music, or – more precisely – “Feedback Network Based Non-Linear Digital Signal Processing System”, also known as FeNeBaNo-LiDiSProS. Easy, isn’t it? Trapani, extreme west of Sicily, a splendid area of fishermen and transparent seas, is the place where this record was realized, although this young composer (1983) - an alumnus of Domenico Sciajno in that city’s conservatory’s electronic music class - hails instead from the inlands of Agrigento. Sanfilippo shows a good command of the mechanics of the utilized means and an appreciable disposition towards non-exaggeration: his palette makes use of buzzing and murmuring in (often) subdued fashion, yet the recordings are equally geared up to surprise with sudden scathing outbursts and fairly irregular unfolding. At first the frequencies are rather ear-wrapping and, in general, brain-cuddling and that’s the face of Premio Malattia that I prefer; as the time goes, the trajectories becomes just a tad predictable, harsher feedback secretions and earth loops quite similar to dozens of other records conceived with the same means. My unspecific sensation gives birth to a vague approval: this man is expected to future improvements, to be followed with curiosity from here. Massimo Ricci (Temporry Fault)

Dario Sanfilipo z Agrigent okres´li? formu?eł swojej muzyki jako "Feedback Network Based Non-Linear Digital Signal Processing System". Brzmi cokolwiek wykoncypowanie, ale jak sprawdza sieł w praktyce. Chyba nienajgorzej- mamy tu duzo tekstur kopmuterowych na których czuc´ s´lad granulizatora, przestery bynajmniej nie noise'owe, pomruki basowe drone'ów itp. na poczałtku s?ucha sieł tego bardzo fajnie - potem jest trocheł s?abiej, ale ca?y czas w dos´c´ wysokiej formie mimo wszystko. Czekam na nastełpny album... Astipalea Records (Felthat Reviews)