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Un is a large ensemble, some 22 musicians, almost all of the unfamiliar to me apart from David Chiesa. This recording presents six compositions by various members. In violinist Julien Sellam's "L'Acceptation d'Élizabeth" the Elizabeth in question is Kübler-Ross and the piece deals with aspects of mourning via approaches to A440 that never arrive and complex rhythms coming to accord and balance. It works quite well, very subtle, with the mournful attributes implied rather than hammered in. "Beb", by snare drummer Didier Lasserre, dedicated to bassist Beb Guérin, is quiet and somber, vague, low orchestral masses rubbing against one another in the darkness, ending in a funereal procession. Another impressive piece. Chiesa's "The Blue Yonder" attempts a sonic portrait of Werner Herzog and I can imagine it working better with imagery but, as is, comes across as a fairly routine, post-Cage orchestral exploration, isolated sounds appearing and subsiding but using the kind of semi-academic vernacular that never quite appeals to me. Languages are at the core of the brief "Hein!!!" by bassist Bruno Laurent, using game rules and group divisions, asking members to incorporate various idioms and approaches, including popular ones; not so effective, a bit too Zorn-reminiscent. Chiesa returns with a much more effective work, "Masses", the light, higher pitch sounds floating in longer lines,very spectre-like and beautiful. The disc closes with drummer Mathias Pontevia's "Tenir par là: 174,6 Hz et ses multiples", a powerful crescendo for ensemble, starting with an ultra-quiet hum and building to a roar, lovely plucks, pings and bangs ornamenting the drive, a bit Branca-esque. A strong work and an intriguing ensemble. Brian Olewnick (Just Outside)

Ensemble bordelais – qui se qualifie de « quantique » – de 23 particules élémentaires incontrôlables : Laurie Batista, Tanguy Bernard, Eric Camara, David Chiesa, Guylaine Cosseron, Thomas Dubois, Guillaume Flamen, Thomas Lachaize, Juliette Lacroix, Guillaume Laidain, Delphine Lafon, Didier Lasserre, Bruno Laurent, Johann Loiseau, Johann Mazé, Matthias Pontevia, Christophe Ratier, Jean-Marc Reilla, Jean Rougier, Frédéric Roumagne, Claude Saubole, Julien Sellam, Yann Soboya. Plusieurs concepts sont utilisés comme principes de composition de ce qui deviendra bientôt une des plus folles propositions débridées de notre temps… Si du moins on leur laisse le temps et un peu d'argent, ces activistes éclairés feront sonner encore et encore la matière libre et contemporaine. Un big band à même de faire revivre le big bang ! Nécessaire. Dino (Révue & Corrigée)