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[…] To conclude the linked set of three entries opening this renewed page, then, and to continue a June entry surveying recent work from Rodrigues (e.g. Krypton), there are still more albums I want (at least) to note: Not only is there more from larger ensembles such as Variable Geometry Orchestra (now with Mare Tranquillitatis, consisting of one track of around a half hour, on which Rodrigues himself does not play an instrument, but "only" engages in conduction, forging various "episodes" around instrumental subgroups) & the more modestly sized Octopus (now with Cyanea, a sparse & watery album under a half hour in length, following Mimus & Dofleini as described here in January, but with some ensemble changes) — both from CreativeFest #12 last November […] Todd McComb's Jazz Thoughts

A concise and essential concert from the Octopus octet, recorded in performances at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, Portugal during the Creativefest XII, the ensemble of mostly acoustic instrumentation (cello, viola, flute, clarinet, classical guitar, piano, percussion and synthesizer) carefully evolving a shade of blue in subtle details of tense restraint. Squidco

"Cyanea" by the octet Octopus, recorded at O'Culto da Ajuda, also during the CreativeFest\#12. The strings are combine here with the piano, flute, clarinet and Carlos Santos' synthesizer, making the music much richer and more unpredictable. There is one track only, but unfortunately only a little over 27 minutes long, leaving the listener like me with a certain deficiency. Otherwise, the music is truly beautiful, delicate and attractive, with varying structures and textures, involving various groups of instruments. Maciej Lewenstein