Musique Placide cs688









Recorded by Miguel Azguime in November 2020 at O'Culto da Ajuda during the Creative Sources Festival XIV, is for me the most beautiful and equilibrated album of String Theory. As always there is only one track, "Une ombre du bonheur", lasting this time 37 minutes. The music was inspired by the poem of Ernesto of the same title, "Une hombre du bonheur”.Maciej Lewenstein 

The 8-piece String Theory ensemble directed by violist Ernesto Rodrigues performs a beautiful and subtle work inspired by a poem written by Rodrigues, "Une Ombre Du Bonheur", realized through viola, violin, cellos, viola de gamba, double bass, piano, zither and objects, a stunningly beautiful and deceptively tranquil work of exceptional detail and dexterous execution. Squidco