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The Swiss Improvisers Orchestra (SIO) was founded in the "Künstlerhaus Boswil" in the Fall of 1998. Their witty and fun-loving style tickles and dares its audience with a constant supply of subtle surprises, giving improvised music a new name.
Multimedial works such as "Prova d'Orchestra", Tingding" "Exercices de Style" "Das fremde Kind" "Conduccions Conspiratives" "Rohe Hand im Wortgestern" and "Revue Macabre," have seen the SIO co-producing with guest artists such as Daniel Mouthon, Doro Schürch, Christoph Baumann, Daniel Fueter, Joseph Maria Balanyà, and Mischa Käser.
Employing methods such as procedural steps, conductions, cuts, and free improvisation, the ensemble specializes in developing musical strategies for the large, orchestral sounding body, examples of which can be heard on their various recordings.